Mix Your Music in Playlists

Playlists are a great way to control what you listen to on your computer. By creating a playlist you can mix any combination of songs you want, and then enjoy hours of listening. Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 makes it easier than ever to create playlists.

To create a playlist


In Windows Media Player, click Library and then, in the List pane, click <List Name> List, and then click Now Playing List.

Now playing list

If you need to clear the list before beginning, click Now Playing List and then click Clear List.


Drag items from the Contents or Details pane in your library to the List pane to add them to the new playlist.

Add songs to the new playlist

To play the list, click the Play button.


To save the list, click Now Playing List, and then click Save Playlist As.

Save playlist

In the File Name box, type the playlist name.

Once you save the playlist, it's added to the My Playlists category in the library.

Let the Player Make Mixes for You

Once you've mastered the basics about playlists, you can experiment with auto playlists. Auto playlists update automatically when you make changes in your library. The Player ships with a number of ready-to-play auto playlists, putting you just a couple of clicks away from playing your favorite songs. You can also create your own auto playlists.

To play an auto playlist


In Windows Media Player, click Library.


In the Contents pane, expand Auto Playlists.


Double-click an auto playlist to begin playing.