Do Even More with Your Photos

Man and woman looking at photos on Media Center PC

With Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, digital photography gets even better. New features unique to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 make it easier than ever to create an instant slideshow, touch up photos with the ease of a remote control, and share photos via e-mail, online services, and even DVDs that can be played in home DVD players. Enjoy the best version of Windows for your home.

Organize Your Photos

Transfer photos from over 250 different digital cameras to your PC and organize them. With Windows AutoPlay technology, you can connect a camera or digital film to your Media Center PC and import your photos without hassle. Once you’ve transferred your photos, you can organize them how you want into folders and immediately start sharing them with family and friends.

Digital photo albums
Make it easier to find photos by organizing them into folders.

Touch Up Your Photos

Fix common photo issues with the ease of a remote control. With Media Center Edition 2005, you can view any photo and then choose the More Info button to rotate the photo, correct red-eye, and fix the color and contrast of your photo automatically. These features plus the new Auto Crop feature make it a breeze to give all your photos that professional touch.

Touch up menu
Fix common photo issues with the ease of a remote control.

Create an Instant Slideshow

If you own a digital camera, chances are you bought it for the instant viewing capabilities and hassle-free sharing. Media Center PCs take this to the next level, offering the ability to share instant slideshows in person, complete with music and professional-looking pan–and-zoom video effects that bring your pictures to life. It's as simple as picking a photo collection and then letting Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 do the rest.

And because your TV connects easily to your Media Center PC, you can enjoy your digital photo album from the comfort of your couch.

Easily create a professional-looking slideshow with music and special effects.

Burn Your Photos to a CD or DVD

By popular demand, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 includes new features that make it faster and easier than ever to burn your photos to a CD or DVD as a backup or as a way to share high-quality originals with family and friends. Or tap into the new DVD Slideshow creator feature, which turns selected photos and music into a fun presentation that's perfect for sharing at birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and reunions.

To burn a slideshow to CD or DVD, choose Create CD/DVD from My Pictures or More Programs.

Personalize Your PC with Premium Photo Screensavers

With Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, choose from new screensavers not available in any other version of Windows. Or, use the My Pictures Premium Screensaver to pick your favorite photos and display them in exciting 3D screensavers such as a virtual photo album, photo cube, or carousel.

Share Your Photos Online

New online services from Kodak/Ofoto and others are making it easier than ever to share your photos online with family and friends.

Turn any TV in the Home into a Photo Album

Who said you have to sit in front of your Media Center PC to view your photos? Get instant access to your entire photo collection from any TV in your house with the new Media Center Extender, available as a set-top box product or in a kit for your Xbox game console.

Media Center Extender set-top box and the Media Center Extender kit for Xbox
Media Center Extender set-top box and the Media Center Extender kit for Xbox.

Take Your Photos with You

Whether you're visiting grandma or just looking for a reminder of home on your next business trip, you can keep your digital memories at your fingertips with a new Portable Media Center device, which provides easy access to your photos, music, recorded TV, movies, and more.

Create Exciting Videos from Your Photos

With Photo Story 3 for Windows and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, you can connect with friends and family in a whole new way. It's simple! Use Photo Story 3 to create exciting videos from your digital photos. Then watch the videos from the comfort of your living room with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, and send them to friends and family through e-mail or in a CD to enjoy. Photo Story 3 brings your digital photos to life with motion, music, voice narration, and more. With Photo Story 3, you can:

Touch-up, crop, or rotate pictures.

Add stunning special effects, soundtracks, and your own commentary.

Personalize your photos with titles and captions.

Save your videos and then go back and edit them anytime.

Copy your videos to a CD, and share them with friends and family.